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Women’s Day: the Simplest Guide for Women to Celebrate Sisterhood and Feminism Every Day




Nobody who has access to the internet can say that they aren’t aware it’s International Women’s Day today. Articles, events, celebrations, discourses and so on; everything is asking us to celebrate women around today. But what we don’t get to read or realize is that we especially the women ourselves can celebrate a woman’s day every day without even talking about it. Because often in the game of hurling convictions at men for not appreciating women enough, it’s us the women themselves who end up suppressing their fellow women.

We are the generation who relates it with only tabular points and succinct talks, so here are some direct ways in which we can all be feminists and support and help each other grow and flourish to produce a wave of change everywhere every day.

Don’t Shy Away from Honest Appreciation: Being jealous is very natural, but nobody has ever achieved anything from being envious than just bitterness. So, why don’t we use it to do something positive? Whenever a fellow woman whether at the workplace or in daily life does something commendable, let her know it. Be happy about her from your heart and tell her to keep up the good work. You will not only leave her smiling and brimming with even more confidence, but you will also feel positive about yourself at the end.


Learn, and Then Give Credits: You have lived a fare share of life by now, and you must realize how you can get to learn significant life-lessons from the most unexpected people and incidents. In the same way, you can learn something meaningful from each woman whether it is the lady you saw sweeping the street or your team manager at work. They are all struggling and constantly moving ahead in their life beating the challenges in their own ways.

Don’t Belittle, Understand: I have seen women belittling each other just to feel good about themselves. Why can’t we shed our insecurities once and try to put ourselves in the place of the person we conveniently look down on. We can very easily condescend an overweight woman or make fun of her because we think she looks any lesser, but believe me it is even easier and more gratifying to smile at her because she is beautiful like we all are. Complementing, encouraging and uplifting each other, this is feminism.


Build A Bridge: This point is about being humane with those women who are underprivileged than you are. We often build a wall between them and us because we think our standards don’t match. What is the need to showcase your English fluency with a vegetable vendor to deliberately stress the difference between you and her. When you can simply stop and strike a friendly conversation with her with a smile on face and feelings you really mean. Privileged women walking their nannies maintaining a distance like they are some less humans; that’s what needs to be changed to bring feminism.

Educate When You Can: One day, I was all praises about some Bollywood actress in front of my mom. To which, she sternly replied why won’t they get all the luxuries with the compromising ways they work in. I sat her down and tried to educate her that they work harder than any of us and the pressure they carry constantly on their shoulders is beyond our strength. And she got the point instantly. That’s what we all need to do, to educate whenever we can. Because while many of us advocate the feminism and want to do all the good in the world for womanhood, some around us may nurture a flawed idea of it. And being a women, it’s imperative on us to correct that idea and empower each other.




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