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Woman tells Court she earns nothing and needs maintenance. Her husband proves that she earns 50,000 INR


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Updated on February 11th, 2018


Divorce cases involve hefty settlements and alimony, and that is after the stressful court procedures are completed. But often there are cases where forgery and fraud are involved. One such case came to light in Mumbai.

A woman lied to the Bombay High Court that she earns nothing and lives with her parents, so she needs monthly maintenance of 3 lakh INR as her husband works abroad and earns 15 lakhs per month.

In 2014, the court directed her husband to pay her 25,000 per month but now the court has reduced that amount to 5,000 per month after her husband has proved that she is not unemployed. The woman earns 50,000 INR per month, her former husband proved by income tax statements.

The high court judge was so angry with her that he wanted to initiate criminal proceedings against her for lying to the court and providing fabricated information. She could have been booked under IPC section 195, but the judge refrained himself because of the case complexities.

Hindustan Times quoted the judge Justice Tate as saying that the woman was “capable of making any statements before the court to ensure that orders were passed in her favour”


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