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Why loving someone is never about the “maybe, because”

Loving someone doesn't let you make excuses for them

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You don’t have to make an excuse for them, the people who love you.

They didn’t text back, maybe because they might be busy. They didn’t make sure you were okay maybe because you didn’t tell them that you weren’t. They left you at your worst maybe because you weren’t worthy enough at your best.

It should never go the maybe because way because if you are loved, you will never have to guess or make excuses.

Girl in Love
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You could be flying high in a delirium of happiness or be sinking in a pit deep of sadness. It doesn’t matter. The people who love you will never leave you guessing or let you make excuses for them. In a world of unsure realities, true love is like a reassuring fact that stays with you, through your ups and downs. You do not have to guess whether it’s there or no, it doesn’t let you. That’s why it’s so precious. It’s not transient like everything else, it’s forever.

It’s always so simple. If they wanted you, they could have made an effort for you, could have kept you with them. Stop complicating it with the maybe because’s. Stop making yourself believe something that contradicts real situations that are right in front of you. Stop denying what your sub-conscious mind keeps telling you. Your instincts never lie to you, and if they tell you that the person you’re pouring your heart and soul into is not giving it back the way you would like him to, acknowledge it.

Staying in a half-hearted relationship is far more damaging than staying alone. Life is too short to fall in love that’s not filled with unmatched passion, never-ending desire, and a heart brimming with fierce emotions. You’re always brave enough to walk away from something that can not stand up to your immense capability to give without reason. Remember, there is someone as crazy as you, longing for love that your heart cradles with such fiery intensity.


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