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Who Exactly Was Rani Padmavati, The Heroine Of Bhansali’s Next And What To Expect From The Upcoming Film


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The first official posters of much awaited and attacked by multiple controversies even before its shooting, Padmavati are finally here. Needless to say, starring as the queen herself, Deepika Padukone is looking like a goddess of beauty and splendor in the posters shared by all the three lead actors of the film on famous social media platforms. They carefully chose the first day of auspicious Navratri festival to launch the first glimpse of the most awaited flick of the year which is going to release in theaters on 1st December 2017. Based on the true story of a lionhearted princess with an unsurpassed physical beauty, Padmavati evokes a lot of questions and great curiosity; so let’s know who exactly was Rani Padmavati, why she was so popular and what to expect from the movie adaption of this magnanimous epic.

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The earliest source to mention the true life story of Padmavati is Padmavat an epic poem written by Malik Mohammad Jayasi in 1540. All the other versions of the epic are inspired by Padmavat and a mix of religious and spiritual fantasies. According to this, Padmini (Padmavati) the princess of Singhal Kingdom was an exceptionally beautiful woman who was wildly famous for her bewitching looks till distant kingdoms. When a Rajput king of Chittor, Ratan Sen heard about her through a talking parrot Hiraman, he started longing for the princess and wished to marry her. It followed an adventurous quest and Ratan Sen finally got married to Padmavati and brought her with him to his kingdom. Later after a passage of time, it turned out, not only Ratan Sen, there were many other emperors who were ready to kill and die for the captivating beauty of Padmavati. Among whom was also the Sultan of Delhi Alauddin Khilji who decided to attack Chittor to win Padmavati. Meanwhile, during a battle against yet another admirer of Padmini, Devpal, the king of Kumbhalner, king Ratan Sen was killed. When Khilji made an attack on Chittor later, Padmavati with her companions jumped into the fire (Jauhar – self-immolation) to save her dignity from being stained by a foreign Muslim attacker and became immortal since for an exemplary courage and boldness.

Sanjay Leela Bhansali is known for personifying grandeur on the screen through majestic locations, set and larger than life characters of period dramas. Padmavati best suits his imagery to bring an epic story to life with enthralling elements with his filmmaking skills. We can anticipate Deepika’s portrayal of the sublime beauty of Padmavati, gallant personality of Shahid as Ratan Sen and vile aura of Alauddin Khilji played by Ranvir Singh to be the major elements of the film. Although the more modern versions include involvement of religious characters such as Ocean god, Shankar, and Parvati, it would almost be futile to expect the presence of any such character in the film. As the first ever poster is screaming regality, we can see the film studded with blinding opulence throughout. While the central theme of the film should be the romance between Ratan and Padma and tale of gore and fight for fatuous yearning, we can clearly see the film finishing with a heart-touching scene of women jumping in the pyre of Jauhar sacrificing themselves in the name of their honor and prestige.



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