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What do Indian PM’s bodyguards carry in their briefcases?


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Source: YouTube

If you’ve ever seen Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi attend a public event, you must have noticed a super-tight security cover around him. The Indian Prime Minister’s security is entrusted upon the country’s premier security force, the Special Protection Guard (SPG). Not just the current PM, they are tasked with providing cover for all those who have held this position in the past. Highly skilled, and armed with advanced weaponry, the force always keeps its hawk-eye upon the PM to protect him, in case of an unfortunate event. Their armory includes FNF-200 assault rifles, 17-M pistols, and automatic guns. It is upon the Prime Minister, though, if he wishes to take the security cover. He can reject it as well.

The SPG when circling the PM for security can be seen carrying a sort of briefcase in their hands. Do you know what is inside those briefcases? The briefcase is a mini bullet-proof, ballistic shield that can be expanded to provide cover in event of an attack. If the security personnel noticed suspicious activity around the PM, they can shake the briefcase downward to open it up for securing the Prime Minister. This briefcase also has a secret pocket to stow away a pistol.    

Source: Quora

SPG also secures important foreign dignitaries, diplomats and make sure their immediate surroundings are free of any potential threat.


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