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Virushka: It’s Not Just The Celeb-craze But Their Unique Love Story That Has The Entire Nation Overwhelmed With Emotions




It is all flashy when it comes to celebrities. Owing to our blind fandom, it’s not just their work that we focus on, we want to uncover everything that they do in their life. From coming out of their routine gym session to each cloth piece they ever don, we scrutinize everything that they do. In such case, wedding is the most important and sought-after affair of a celebrity’s life. The details like what they wore, the cost of dinner and venue, the presence of their colleagues make the headlines for weeks. It has happened the same way every time a celebrity had his wedding. But wasn’t it slightly different this time when the news of Virat & Anushka tying the wedding knot finally broke? Exactly why is that? Why are we having only the happy thoughts and secretly wishing everything good in the world for the couple? Well, we have all routed this couple in the recent times either knowingly or unknowingly because they have proved that the pure love is just love and is beyond calculations and norms.

They at once changed so many beliefs and set new definitions of being in a healthy relationship of love for us. Let’s put this in a crisp way and realize why this couple is special and makes us believe in all positive things about love.

They Both Hold A Special Place In Hearts For Their Unique Individual Personalities:

Emotions evoke when we can connect with people. And here, both the persons have such a personality that make us see regular personalities in them. On one hand, there is ‘Delhi ka munda’ who expresses himself just like us. Whether on a cricket ground or in an interview addressing fans, Virat has always spoken his heart out without marinating his words. When we all listen to him talking, sometimes he reminds us of that naughty friend we have in our group who always has a kid inside him or that new lover friend completely awestruck by his lady love. And on the other hand, Anushka who has bathed in fame and admiration from an age of just 19, still manages to be that bubbly girl who won’t miss a chance to pull your leg in a conversation without oozing a hint celebrity tantrum. Both of them have a significant thing in common, that they are both self-made and unstoppable in their respective careers.

They Hardly Cared For ‘What Will People Say’:

When you are one of the most followed celebrities, you have an image to live by and constrain yourself in the simplest things you do. Most of the celebrities keep their relationship secret in a fear of countless speculations and judgments. But this duo never hesitated in celebrating their love without caring for who is watching. From dancing together to the bhangra tunes to stealing some moments away from the hustle bustle of their busy lives, they didn’t let go a single moment to cherish their love.


They Enjoyed Their Bond Just Like Any Other Couple Being Truly And Madly In Love:

It is those numerous sweet nothings couples do that make their relationship flourish. But if you are a celebrity, you have to watch out for these things if you don’t want to break the age-old rules because rumors and judgments are like ghosts for you. This couple did all the sweet nothings that made us fall in love with their love story a little more. From uploading couple pictures on social media to wishing each other valentine’s day and celebrating success together, the couple has proved time and again that they are just like any other couple all mushy in love.

Much needed break with my ❤

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Love Is About Sticking Together Through Happiness And Difficulty, They Proved It:

It was just the onset of their relationship when Virat was facing a bad phase of a continued disappointing personal performance. It is saddening in itself, but it got worse with the people trolling him and calling Anushka a bad luck for him. To put the severe criticism down once and forever, Virat came as a shield for Anushka and shut up the bullies hidden behind the screens. Not only in tough times, they also stole romantic moments and celebrated their togetherness whenever they got a chance and didn’t hide it from the world.  

They Are Now Ready To Challenge The Cliche “Wedding Affects A Successful Career In A Negative Way”:

The instrumental in leaving us happily amazed is the fact that they didn’t calculate when it came to giving their bond an official name. It is difficult to find such celebrities who have gone only with their heart in deciding to marry. The biggest reason behind this fear of adding yourself to the line of married ones is the cliche that wedding is not a good news for your career. Two celebrities like Virat and Anushka getting married at the peak of their careers is definitely a good and much-needed change to put things in right perspective. It is essential for people to understand that marriage is just a part of life, it has nothing to do with your career whether you are a man or woman. You can continue to achieve new heights of success till you decide to thrive. So, our only wish for this couple is that keep making us believe in true love and stay happy together forever just like you are. 




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