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Virat & Anushka Just Disclosed Their Wedding Planners Who Made This Fairy-tale Happen




It’s been more than three days but we still can’t stop gushing over the wedding of the year and the intricate details that made it an affair out of this world. The wedding wear, the venue, the decor, ensembles and so on, it will surely go on for days and months. Amid all this, everyone is having a common question “who actually was behind all this magic.” Virat and Anushka have answered all these questions himself by introducing the amazing people behind this fairy-tale who contrived to make this dazzling wedding a reality.




Shaadi Squad is a Mumbai based wedding planner company run by a bunch of young management enthusiasts. They have an active presence on social media and by looking at the pictures of their previous work, it is clear that they are the master of the wedding planning game. But this is an unspoken fact that their latest project is going to take them to new heights of success and fame. Their social media followers are already multiplying in a stormy speed. No denying in the fact, that now they will be sought after by the people who want their wedding a dreamy affair just like Virushka. And needless to say, it wouldn’t be under everyone’s budget :P.


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