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Video : Check out this vehement indictment of patriarchy


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Are you a woman?

Were you ever catcalled?

Were you ever asked to dress modestly?

Did you ever feel a need to pace up post 8:30 in night?

If you have a yes for each of these questions, welcome to a patriarchal world. We are women. No matter, whether we step out in salwar kameez or a skirt, there is an equally high probability of us getting eve teased. Staying late at office or at a friend’s place is drudgery as going back home is no mean task. Being judged by prying eyes for knocking the door at late in the night is reflective of the mindsets we are surrounded by. It is never okay to discuss that we bleed out of our vaginas five days in a month, because, ssshh, women reproductive health – who gives a damn!

If you resonate with one, many or all of the things mentioned above, catch this heart-rendering poetry recital by Aranya Johar. Uploaded by UnErase Poetry, the video is a strong punch on the face of patriarchy powered by compelling words and an emphatic enactment.


Here, check it out:



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