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Vagina Beer Is Here In 2018 – What Do You Think About It

Beer which is made of actual vagina essence


Things were relatable till cakes made of bugs and weed flavored wine, but it has gone a little far this time. First of its kind vagina beer is here which is not named to make it sound just sassy, it is actually made of taking the essence of a vagina.

Order of Yoni which is the first brewing company to announce vagina beer will produce the drink from real female vaginas. The beer is partially made from lactic acid bacteria present in a vagina. The first batch of it is already in process and will be made available in Europe which is being made taking the essence from hot Czech model Alexandra Brendlova.


The founder of the company, Wojtek Mann said in an interview “We were looking for an inspiration, a model who is both beautiful, charming girl and intelligent, eloquent woman.” He also added further “I really appreciate her way of speaking, and I find her body language, the way she walks, very sexual.”


Well, that does not end here. You can even get customized vagina beer made of your girlfriend or wife. According to Mann, it will cost you a €10,000 for 60 bottles of beer made of your girlfriend’s vagina. The company is still working on the finances to make it a regular produce in future.

If you haven’t felt that extreme closeness of your fantasies to your partner yet, this can be an intimate option for you. While others might be well satisfied with their existing ideas of experiencing the wild intimacy.



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