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US : Two girls caught putting 8 month old baby in fridge in Snapchat video


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Updated on February 11th, 2018



In a recent horrific incident, two girls are facing criminal charges in Massachusetts after an alarming Snapchat video showed a crying infant, 8 months old, being put into a refrigerator.

The video shows how a babysitter laid the infant sideways on a shelf, said “bye” and then closed the door. After the babysitter left, the child started screaming from inside the appliance. After that, it showed a girl holding the infant as someone said “See, she’s okay!”

Police was called Monday and after an investigation, the two female juveniles were arrested and charged with the child endangerment and assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon- the refrigerator.


However, the district attorney general did not confirm how the refrigerator was used as a weapon or comment on the video. He said that he could not share any further information because the case involves juveniles.

Reportedly, one babysitter is niece of the child’s mother while the other is niece’s friend.



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