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UP female cop who stood up and acted against BJP leaders transferred to maintain status quo


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A few weeks back a video of a fearless cop reprimanding local BJP activists and politicians went viral. The video has lead to a vast support for her. She refused to cow down before the guys there who reminded her that they are from the ruling party.

Now the cop, Shrestha Thakur, who was earlier in Bulandshahr district, has been transferred to Bahraich, along with the Nepal border.

She was transferred just a week after the incident. A meeting of BJP local politicians and 11 MLAs took place.

The local BJP president, Mukesh Bharadwaj, openly said that transfer of the lady cop was extremely important for the pride of the BJP workers and for keeping the morale of the party workers high.

Shrestha Thakur and her team were checking vehicles on 22nd June when a person was stopped for driving without wearing a helmet. He was charged with 200 INR fine. But the man said he belongs to the BJP and refused to pay the fine. After this, a quarrel took place between the officer and the local BJP members.

Political interference in the working of honest police officers has to end. We often complain about the corruption of cops, but it is political corruption and meddling that is also largely responsible for not letting the cops do their work.


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