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Twitterati teaches a lesson to Babul Supriyo for trivializing ‘Chandigarh stalking’ case


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Playback singer turned Union Minister Babul Supriyo has trivialized the ordeal that Varnika Kundu went through in Chandigarh. In his tweet, he says that it was just a drunken chase and not attempted abduction. Mr. Supriyo urges everyone to think rationally, uses whataboutery by asking people why no outrage in other similar cases and then asks what is the need to highlight that the father of Vikas Barala is a BJP politician.

He finds it problematic that people are targeting the BJP Haryana president and Varnika is gaining undue attention but has nothing to say about Shaina NC, his party’s spokesperson, who tweeted a fake pic of the woman to shame her and very boldly hint that whatever she is saying is fabricated. So much for rationality!



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