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Top 5 Natural Skincare Hacks For Holi



There is no Holi celebration without colours. This is the day when every horrible artists in the world get to practice their painting prowess on the faces of their family and friends. And nobody can question them. Because its bura na maano Holi hai! But abundance of chemical colours have made the festival unsafe for our skin. And we can’t stop celebrating the festival too.

No matter how aware you make people about playing holi with herbal colours, some dumb heads will never understand. And you can’t ignore them. Here are some tried and tested ‘dadi ke nuskhe’ made out of natural ingredients, you can use to protect your skin from toxic colours.

Mustard Oil
Source: Style Craze
Source: Style Craze

Apply mustard oil on your body including hairs and face. Mustard oil’s thick texture acts as a protective thick layer on your skin. It helps you stay safe from stubborn chemical colours. And most importantly, you can easily remove colours after you are done with Holi celebrations.

Body Lotion
Source: DNA
Source: DNA

Apply a lot of body lotion. If you hate the smell of mustard oil then you can go with this alternative. Being greasy and oily in texture, colour will not be able to stay on your skin for too long.


Magic Of Curd And Lemon Juice
Source: Shutterstock
Source: Shutterstock

Add a half bowl of curd with two spoons of lime juice and apply it on the areas having colour. Leave it for some time and then take a bath with little warm water. The colour will disappear. Moisturise your skin after the bath as lemon tends to make the skin dry.

Protection From Sunburn
Source: Beauty and Blush
Source: Beauty and Blush

Yes, we know you’ve applied oil or cold cream, but you need to top it off with a generous amount of waterproof sunscreen. Most Holi parties are out in the open without a protective covering and involve the copious use of water. Sunscreen will help you keep your skin safe from getting burnt or tinted. 50 SPF is recommended.

Homemade Scrub


Avoid using soaps and scrubs to remove colours as they themselves are made up from chemical solutions. Applying them on your coloured body can cause rashes or irritation.

Go natural with this homemade scrub by adding 2 spoons gram flour (besan), honey, turmeric and curd. Make a thick paste of it and rub very gently on your skin for few minutes.


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