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10 Best Medical Tourism Countries in the World that will Make you Ecstatic


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The number of people opting for overseas medical tourism is exponentially rising every year. Expensive healthcare facilities or the lack of so ushers people to sort for better and cheaper options globally. People from all over the world fly to top medical tourism destinations for several medical treatments including cosmetic surgeries, dental care, and organ transplant.

Medical Tourism

With this view in mind, here is a list of some of the best medical tourism countries in the world.

 1. Canada

As per the report of MTI in 2020, Canada is one of the leading countries which attract millions of people for its quality services and highly reputed medical treatments. Having a wide variety of climates, Canada is one of the top medical tourism destinations for many travellers. Most patients visit here for treatments like- hip surgery, knee replacement, plastic surgery, diagnostic tests, and drug addiction treatments. Canada also offers a range of other medical care such as alcohol addiction treatment programs, vascular surgeries, eyelid surgery, epilepsy treatment, coronary angiography, coronary angioplasty, etc.


2. Singapore

The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) had forecasted the arrival of over 18 million visitors (2019) from all over the world to Singapore for its exceptional medical services, entertainment, and gaming. Considered as one of the top destinations for medical tourism, the recent establishment of the International Patient Service Centers which works as medical agencies makes patients’ treatment experience fairly convenient. Some hospitals, for instance, Farrer Park Hospital, which accommodates many foreign patients, provide them with a tablet to view medical records, order meals, and even shop online. Singapore’s specialty lies in Cancer treatment, heart surgeries, transplant surgeries, neurology, etc. It is also known for the arguable “stem cell tourism”. 


3. Costa Rica

For eco-medical tourism, Costa Rica is among the best medical tourism countries in the world. Known for its economical prices and relaxing atmosphere, Costa Rica attracts both medical tourists and coffee lovers across the world (as Costa Rican coffee is considered to be one of the best in the world). Healthcare costs in Costa Rica is much lower than in many countries. Compassionate nurses and well-organized healthcare infrastructure makes it a preferred medical tourism destination for many. Costa Rica is especially remarkable for eye surgery, bariatric (weight loss) surgery, cancer therapy, dentistry, and cosmetic surgery amongst others.


4. Japan 

As a highly developed nation in terms of medical technology, Japan offers top-notch services at a reasonable cost to citizens and foreign tourists alike. The nation’s largest travel agency, JTB Corp., established the ‘Japan Medical and Health Tourism Canter’ and designed tour packages to attract foreign travellers. Hospitals here are run by non-profit organizations and are looked over by physicians. Japan is renowned for cancer treatment, and several congenital deformity surgeries and has won global acclaim for perfecting the critical surgery named lymphadenectomy. Its work in heavy particle radiotherapy and regenerative medicine is recognized worldwide. This places Japan in the list of top medical tourism destinations.


5. Spain

Another top medical tourism destination is Spain which draws millions of visitors from countries across the world. Hospitals here allocated special medical wings equipped with modern technology and even translators to pull more foreign patients. Many hospitals are located in exotic places which help patients recover with a soothing atmosphere. Spain provides phenomenal healthcare services like dental surgeries, cosmetic surgeries (such as facelifts, breast implants, tummy tuck, blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, etc.), and orthopaedic procedures. Recovering medical tourists can enjoy delightful Mediterranean cuisine with a host of health spots including salient hikes, mud baths, thermal springs, and wellness activities with animals.


6. South Korea

South Korea has emerged as a highly advanced medical tourism destination during the last decades. The rise of South Korea’s tourism owes much to the Hallyu content (such as K-pop and K-drama) and the ever-popular K-beauty. Fully digitized equipment and constantly upgrading systems set South Korean hospitals apart from the rest of the world. Breakthrough spinal surgeries, cancer screening, dermatology, dental issues, organ transplant, orthopaedic problems, and cyberknife surgeries are some of the treatments foreign medical tourists get done here.


7. India

One of the most lucrative medical tourism destinations in India. Unlike in developed countries, India has little to no waiting time for surgeries. India has birthed many ancient medical practices like Ayurveda, Yoga, Sidha, Naturopathy, etc that attract like-minded people. Many wellness care centres have also been developed for medical tourists by the collaborative effort of the National Board for Accreditation of Hospitals & Healthcare Services (NABH) and the AYUSH ministry of India. Top medical treatments in India include cardiac care, cosmetic surgery, multi-organ transplant, hip surgery, bone-marrow transplant, eye surgery, etc.


8. Thailand

The chance to combine hospital treatment with a luxurious holiday in Thailand sounds much more attainable than in any other place. World-class hospitals like BNH Hospital in Bangkok specialize in spine treatment, hand, and microsurgery, Arthroscopy, and sports medicine. Moreover, cutting-edge technologies such as 4D mammography, which can detect cancerous cells well in advance make Thailand a trustable option. Other treatments that attract medical tourists in Thailand are plastic surgery, bypass surgery, wellness care etc. You can also enjoy an elegant spa time while recovering in one of the best medical tourism countries.


9. United Kingdom

For unearthing iconic sites and hidden gems, ticking famous landmarks off the bucket list, and stumbling upon quirky local museums, the UK attracts visitors of any kind from all over the world. Although expensive, the UK has established the healthcare standard and created its benchmark in the top destinations for medical tourism. Some treatments are still less pricy, for example, you have to pay $30,000 for a knee treatment in the US, but the same can be done here for less than $20,000. Popular treatments include jaw surgeries, face fillers, anti-aging treatments, and other skin-related treatments.


10. Czech Republic 

Not only a haven for retirees but also an excellent option for healthcare, the Czech Republic concludes this list of best medical tourism destinations. Czech physicians with special agencies can arrange a “turnkey” trip for foreign clients if desired. In the capital city, Prague, a breast enlargement surgery will cost around £2,120 including one to two nights in the clinic, and nose reshaping will cost £1,620 including one night in the clinic. Popular treatments include cardiology, orthopaedics, neurology, plastic surgery, dentistry, and eye surgery. 


As per the study by the Medical Tourism Association (MTA), this sector has seen economic growth of $11 billion in the last two decades and is expected to become a $53 billion industry by 2028. Be it a major surgery or a minor one, the above-mentioned countries guarantee quality service. Despite that, it is also advisable to do your research before choosing any top destinations for medical tourism.


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