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This Poem On Wing Commander Abhinandan Is Going Viral On Social Media

My Brother With A Bloodied Nose" by Varun Ramachandran has beautifully described the act of bravery of our Wing Commander Abhinandan.


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Image Source: Facebook

Wing Commander Abhinandan has finally returned to India. He is safe and looked healthy. But during those 56 hours, when he was in the custody of Pakistan every patriotic Indian was praying for his quick and safe return. The common public of India was drumming up support for our braveheart on social media and stood as one solid unit. There are probably millions of posts on social media by now which are praising the valor of Wing Commander and the sheer discipline by which he conducted himself during the time he remained in Pakistan’s captivity.

One such social media post is now viral on Facebook and Twitter. It is a poem “My Brother With A Bloodied Nose” by Varun Ram Iyer, which has beautifully described the act of bravery of our Wing Commander.

Here is the text of his full Poem: My Brother With A Bloodied Nose

My brother with a bloodied nose,
An officer and gentleman.
Landed across the Line of Control today.
Ejecting after doing the best he can.
They caught him on their land and then,
Thrashed him like perhaps any of us would.
Till the army stepped in and dispersed them.
And rescued him while they could.
They asked him who he was and he said,
With poise and utmost grace.
A flying pilot of the Indian Air Force.
Battered, bruised, but with a proud face.
If only the general public could,
Muster a milligram of the same poise.
And realize that their war drum beating.
Is a ridiculous dangerous noise.
My brother with a bloodied nose,
He stood there firm and tall.
And smiled in the face of his captors.
And taught us the biggest lesson of them all.
That bravery is not ordered online,
Does not ship overnight on Amazon Prime.
Tis not the moment for jingoism and memes.
For armchair aggro tis not the time.
My brother with a bloodied nose,
Thank you for your dedication and verve.
Your class and bravery I fear though,
Is a little more than some of us deserve.
For those whose fury takes wing today,
Who have no idea what it’s like.
To parachute into enemy territory,
Taking a hit in a combat strike.
My brother with a bloodied nose,
You’ve taught a lesson to us all.
You can bail out of an aircraft at high speed,
And yet to lows never fall.
And keep your cheer and character in times,
Of uncertainty in the face of death.
And learn again to behave as human beings,
If we only would our conscience let.
My brother with a bloodied nose. 
Keep your chin up, enjoy the brew.
A salute to your sacrifice today and forever.
Hold on a while, we’re coming to get you.
My brother with a bloodied nose.
The bison who took on the sun.
Here’s to you and all those that stand guard for us.
Nabah Sparsam Diptam.
– Varun Ramachandran


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