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This Harley-Limo is the dream come true for every motorbike enthusiast


This creation is no less than a dream come true for every motorbike enthusiast. If you are a person who wants to travel on a bike but all the bells and whistles of limousine then this Harley-Limo is a perfect thing to own. It is a Harley Davidson crossed with a Limousine which is capable to turn the heads of every single person on the road. This fusion is made out from 2012 Harley in the front and an eight person carriage at the back.

This monster is built with 1.75 tons of steel and is 20 feet long. It is a powered by a 5.7 liter, 350 HP V8 Chevy engine and is equipped with all top of the line of trimmings including mini bar, tinted window, flat screen TV and luxury seats among others.

This outrageously fancy invention is done by a company called Wildfire Tours in Queensland, Australia. Watch the luxury machine closely in this video.


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