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This hacking group has hacked EVM machine used in 2014 elections within 30 minutes


The intense debates on whether EVMs can be hacked or not are continuing since a few months now. The controversy surrounding it is refusing to die down. It was rumoured that Election Commission is organising an open Hackathon and has thrown the gauntlet to everyone. But nothing of this sort happened. So speculations are still rife and demands for either a return to ballot paper or a voter audited paper trail along with the machine are rising.

Amidst this, Defcon, one of the biggest hacking groups in the world, has claimed to successfully hack American voting machines and the machine used in 2014 Indian general elections. The group said that it can hack any voting machine in less than 2 hours.

They were with provided the machines to demonstrate their skill, and surprisingly they hacked the machine in just 30 minutes. Video of them hacking the machine has been uploaded on YouTube with the caption ‘Hackers Target 30 voting machines’.

The hackers said that the secret of hacking a machine lies in the USB port at its rear. The machine is accessed via USB port and then a malware is uploaded in it to tamper its settings and achieve the desired results.


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