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This BADASS music-video of Kangana Ranaut by AIB is for the ‘hypocrite’ Bollywood

Source: YouTube
Source: YouTube

AIBs recent video cum song ‘The Bollywood diva song’ featuring Kangana Ranaut, has received a lot of views online and is being appreciated for its in-your-face brash satire. It is a stinging take on the inherent sexism and commodification of women in the film industry. The video is the commentary of Indian film industry which considers actresses as bimbos who can only gyrate their bodies on drool worthy item dances and expects them to voluntarily play second fiddle to the male lead and fall in line without even muttering anything about wage differential in Bollywood.

The short video is a parody of Jacqueline Fernandez song ‘Chittiyan Kalaiyan’ with lyrics that takes dig at nepotism, objectification of women, and lyrics that tend to glorify women being gold diggers and a preference for fair skin, which also highlights barely veiled racist prejudices.

The lyrics of the parody song are acerbic and provocative, but also hit right where they should hurt.

“I have got a vaginal re, opinion pallu me chhupa le re”


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