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This 2 year old takes you through your adulting woes


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Mila Stauffer

Adulting is not an easy thing to do. You are expected to handle hostile situations with poise, manage your own finances and facing disappointments from work, love and life in general is so common place that it hurts. However, it is always fun to take all the adulthood crap in a lighter vein. The 2 year-old Mila Stauffer is doing just that for us. In her mother’s Instagram account, she can be caught ranting on all that bothers us in our banal routines. Her mother, Katie Stauffer uploads her videos on her Instagram account and has 5,08,000 followers to boast of. Here, check out some of the cutest and most relatable gems from her feed,

  • On sharing a seat with a stranger in an airplane 


  • On her broken expectations, when she didn’t get an iPhone 


  • On the struggles of motherhood 


  • On all that’s wrong with having to handle budgets 


  • On disappointment with boyfriends. We have all been there 


  • On being a devil sometimes








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