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These Movies Will Motivate You Like Nothing Else


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There are a few movies which leave a deep impression on us. Few, which we never get bored watching again, and which evoke strong emotions in us and motivate us.

The Blind Side

the blind side
Based on the eponymous biography of famous American Football star Michael Oher, this Sandra Bullock starrer academy award winning movie is a must watch. The movie shows that different people have different capabilities and potentials. But it is proper environment, previlege and nurturing which plays a considerable role in what we achieve.

The Pursuit of Happyness

The Will Smith starrer cult is a heroic saga of determination, unflinching will, positive attitude and tenacity. It is based on the biopic of American stock broker and entrepreneur Chris Gardens who was homeless for a year and whose wife deserted him. This movie will give you ultimate life goals of grit and passion to achieve something.

OMG ( Oh My God)

oh my god
The 2012 Akshay Kumar and Paresh Rawal starrer Bollywood comedy movie was adapted from an Australian movie “The man who sued God”.  It is a powerful indictment against superstitious practises, blind dogma and greed in the garb of religion. The movie teaches to belief in what we do is all we need to succeed.

Forrest Gump

6 Academy Award winning Tom Hanks starrer is the story of a country simpleton for whom life opens up a series of adventures. A very emotional and heartfelt movie with a message that people with good heart never fail in life.

Good Will Hunting

With childhood buddies Ben Affleck and Matt Damon in lead, this movie is about how our psychology  shapes and influences our career choices. The story is about an exceptionally intelligent man with very high IQ who solves mathematic questions which even Harvard students can’t, but is content with his job as a cleaner.
good will hunting


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