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These Ladies Have Taken The Most Unconventional Paths To Achieve Success In Life


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“A woman is like a tea bag – you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water.” – E. Roosevelt

Gender equality debate is going on since ages. Patriarchal society is slowly but steadily leaving the room for women to breathe and follow their own dreams. Still, a lot of gender biases and prejudices have crippled our society. There are certain works which are considered unfit for women and then, there are some things which people do not like to talk about in public. It is nothing but sheer hypocrisy.

But there has always been few women, who have refused to settle for less and shattered the traditional gender stereotypes. They have followed the less-taken-path and achieved their dreams despite many cultural shackles. These women have truly trampled the face of hypocrisy under their boots and proved that women just need fair opportunities instead of special treatment.

Aditi Gupta – Founder, Menstrupedia


There are millions of girls in India who are not allowed to pray, enter the kitchen or come in contact with other people during menstruation. Ironically, they even don’t know what is happening to their body because people don’t care to talk about it openly. These girls and women don’t have access to proper sanitary napkins and are forced to use old cloth or other makeshift option.


Aditi Gupta founded Menstrupedia to educate women and society about menstrual health and hygeine. She has also created a Hindi comics with her husband Tuhin Patel which educates girls about menstruation in a simplified way.


Ishita Malviya – India’s First Surfer Girl


Surfing is not a very popular profession among men or women. We have always seen men cutting through the waves and enjoying this adventure sports. But India’s first surfer girl Ishita Malviya came into the limelight with here incredible surfing skills.


By choosing surfing as a profession, Ishita has broken several gender barriers like safe profession, colour of skin and not stepping into male bastion among others.

Sheroes Hangout – Cafe Run By Acid Attack Survivors

Source: Huff Post
Source: Huff Post


Life is all bout standing up and facing the challenges head on. This cafe is run by 5 acid attack survivors who have the heart of iron and courage like a mountain. They are professionally trained by reputed hospitality institute and running the cafe like any other professionally managed cafe.


Shanti Devi – Only Woman Mechanic In India

50 year old, mother of 8, Shanti Devi lives on the outskirts of Delhi and running her own garage since 18 years. She also employs her husband Ram Bahadur, with whom she works 12 hours a day for the entire week.


Shanti Devi works at the AW-7, Sanjay Gandhi Transport Nagar Depot, outside Delhi, spread over 75 acres, it is one of the largest truck stopovers in Asia.


Muskan Sehi – India’s First Professional Poker Player

27 year old Muskan Sethi is India’s first professional female Poker player. Poker is commonly known as the game of men in India but Muskan has broken this stereotype and is now using the prize money for various social causes.

Muskan Sethi With Liv Boeree; World No. 1 Female Poker Player 2015
Muskan Sethi With Liv Boeree; World No. 1 Female Poker Player 2015


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