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The most important things in life are not things


Time and again keeping pace with the frenzied crazy daily routine, I lose my perspective and get lost in the daily madness called Life. It is only once in a while that I pause in my steps and wonder where I am really headed.

I look around myself and am perplexed to see everyone caught up in the same mad rush and I wonder if there is anyone who has achieved it all and is finally at rest… having been there and done that all!

As I look closely I realize it is never ever so. The more we achieve in life the higher the bar keeps shifting. There are infinite things we aspire to do and the stronger is the desire to own those.

My mind is clouded by the conundrum of satisfaction, and the question if it really exists. Deep inside a soft and sad voice says ‘No’. And gradually, a wave of realizations runs over me echoing that the most important things in life are not things.



Instead, those are the moments we cherish, the time we spend with our loved ones, the feelings we have for our family, the compassion we feel for the less fortunate ones.

The values we adhere to even when in a fix, the way we touch someone’s life with a small kind gesture, the happiness sharing and caring give us, the contentment we feel after a small self-less act… these are the things which matter much more! More than anything materialistic we could ever buy. More than any amount of money we could ever earn!

Yes, indeed! The most important things in life are not things! At the end of it, it is essentially the loving, caring and sharing that matters the most!


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