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The 5 best sex apps you need to download right now!


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Life is being made simple in the age of smartphones. You can book a cab, reserve tables at a restaurant or get a doctor’s appointment – all with a few swipes on your smartphone. From dusk to dawn – almost everything we internalize as our daily routine has an app assigned for it. Technology has made its way so fiercely in our everyday lives, that even our bedrooms are not left behind. If you are curious on what could help you up your libido and let you live a fulfilling sex life, have a look at these apps :


1. Pillow Play – iOs

If you are in for an intimate experience with your partner, let this app guide you with the mushiest of bedroom stories. Listen with your partner to these couple experiences – imbibe the racy, ignore the lazy.



2. 69 Places – iOS

So you belong to the tribe of the adventurous? A romp in a public place is a part of your bucket list? Check out this app to get inspired. Find how you can turn banal public spots into steamy hot fantasies with a bit of spunk and of course a little help from your partner.


3. UnderCovers – Android, iOS

We all have sexual fantasies – dirty, raunchy and straight away over the top sometimes. If you are shy discussing your fantasies with your partner, UnderCovers will do that for you. Just like Tinder, it matches your interests with those of your partner and tells you what will work and what will not. Just a swipe and you are over your inhibitions – sounds cool, isn’t?



4. Couple – Android, iOs

Leave nothing to imagination – share your personal, intimate moments with your partner with this app. Send photos, videos, voice messages and more. The messages disappear automatically after a period of time, so you are playing safe while you are playing naughty. This is what we call a smart move.



5. iKamasutra Lite – Android, iOs

Experiment is the key to sex. Never run out of positions when you have this app on your phone. Swipe left if you like a position, swipe right if you do not. The best part – you can track your expert moves with this app – the moves which you can master and your partner can drool upon.



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