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Take your date for a dinner to these 10 most romantic destinations in Delhi


A scrumptious meal at an amazing diner is one of the most satisfying things you could gift to your partner. Be it a special celebration or if you just want to pamper your partner to the moon with a toothsome dinner; all you need is the right place. Here, we have collated an unmissable list of the 10 most romantic destinations in Delhi where you can savor some of the most delectable foods your palate could ever have.

#1 Sevilla, Clardiges

Experience the thrill of a bar and then chill out in a cozy Cabana. This restaurant is the perfect option for outdoor and indoor sitting. The styling of the restaurant is inspired by azure skies and the Mediterranian.


#2 Tian, ITC Maurya

It is the perfect place to awe your partner with great taste and cocktails. The contemporary Asian restaurant offers diverse and interesting flavors. Either dine in intimate areas to keep everything private or book a table on the terrace to enjoy the overwhelming view of the city.


#3 Lodhi – The Waterfront

This could be the quintessential destination for a romantic candlelight dinner. Bright lights pouring out of massive glass walls in the private area of the restaurant called as The Jetty is one of the most desirable places for a romantic night.


#4 JW Marriott Poolside

It might be one of the most underrated romantic destinations in the capital. Exotic cabanas placed right in the middle of pools lit with romantic lights and candles. On regular days, the food is normally served from coffee shop situated inside the lobby of the hotel. But to spice up the things further you can arrange a tailormade meal by consulting the chef in advance to get everything right.


#5 Lavaash

With beautifully done outdoor and indoor seating areas, the restaurant is known to serve perfect Armenian food with Bengali influence. Portions of each dish are generous for two people and it will also not burn a hole in your pocket.


#6 Olive Bar and Kitchen 

This place will make you time travel straight to the Mediterranian. With pretty white walls, white pebbled courtyard, banyan tree canopies and starry trees; the place will serve as a refreshing change. The restaurant is set up in the times of prohibition era. Your cocktails will be served in teacups, and your entertainment would be live bands, silent cinema, and floor shows. It is known to serve the best martinis in the town prepared by celebrity bartender Zdenek Kastanek.


#7 Indian Accent

This sophisticated restaurant is for the ones who want to experience the feeling of exclusivity. Getting a reservation in this restaurant is a tad difficult but if you get one, your date is already impressed!


#8 Tonino

It is a paradise for Italian food lovers. Romantic decor, elegant ambiance and mouth salivating food make it a perfect spot to enjoy Bruschetta, Tonino Fantasia, Chocolate Lasagna and Tonino Ristorante.


#9 Thai High

Nothing can match the majestic view of Qutub Minar enjoyed under moonlight from the rooftop of this restaurant. Ride high on the flavors of Thai cuisine along with mystic ambiance clouded with the glorious past of Qutub Minar.


#10 Lodi – The Garden Restaurant

The best place to enjoy European, Lebanese or Mediterranian cuisine in a beautiful garden. The ambiance is close to nature and its tents make the entire sitting unique and one of a kind in the city. Relax and unwind while forgetting the hustle bustle of daily life.