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Taj Mahal was built by labourers of India, says Yogi Adityanath


Yogi Adityanath, today became the first BJP Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister to visit Taj Mahal. This visit assumes additional importance in view of the recent controversy stoked by contentious comments made by BJP MLA Sangeet Som and MP Vinay Katiyar. Som said, that the monument is a blot on Indian culture, as it was build by a traitor. Vinay Katiyar demanded the renaming of Taj Mahal to Taj Mandir. Adityanath dissociated himself from Som’s comments by saying that his views were not representative of the ruling party’s ideology.

Today, by joining the cleanliness drive organized by the BJP workers at the historical edifice, Yogi Adityanath attempted to placate the opposing voices that denounced the “divisive” remarks made by the BJP members. He said that the controversy over the 17th century monument is not justified as it was built by the labourers of India.

But his views on Taj were not always this liberal. When he assumed the leadership of Uttar Pradesh in May, he skipped Taj Mahal as one of his stops during a visit to Agra. In June, he opined that offering miniatures of Taj Mahal to foreign dignitaries were inappropriate as the monument does not represent Indian heritage. The opposition parties have accused BJP of trying to divide Hindus and Muslims over religion.

The visit was also preceded by a shameful attack on a Swiss couple in Fatehpur Sikri. Yogi said, “We believe in Athithi Devo Bhava for both Indian and foreign tourists”. He also ensured strict action against the perpetrators of this ghastly crime.



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