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Taimur Ali Khan, the brand is in the making


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What did your feed on social media look like yesterday? Apart from a cousin getting married or a friend putting up pictures of irresistible looking food which made you curse your dieting ambitions – there was something more which was relatable for all of us. The pictures of the tinsel town’s coolest star kid , “Taimur Ali Khan”. Snugged in his pram, he was a priceless little treasure – the social media cohort was going crazy about. Right from the time he was born on December 20, we have been forever going gaga about every single public appearance he has made till date. It is not just him, we are constantly reminded of the little things going on in every star kid’s life. The school they go to, the designer wear they choose to flaunt, the destinations they pick to rejuvenate and the friends they  hang out with. We are like their unassuming personal diaries taking in tid-bits of their routine life.

Have you ever wondered this pattern of dissemination of information wherein every little detail related to a “Bollywood Scion” is reported impassionately? The Kapoor family, for example, has extended from Prithviraj Kapoor to his great-great grandchildren. We have been persistently fed with news snippets chronicling all important milestones the Kapoor family have encountered in their lifetimes. My question here – Are you really interested in the fact that Taimur was wearing a white T-shirt and a black jeans when he stepped out for his evening stroll or you were forced to pore over this intricate detail just because it was too difficult to escape the continuum of free and available content?

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Switch on a prime time news channel and news of Aradhya Bacchan accompanying her mother, Aishwarya Rai Bacchan is running parallel to hard core political news, such as election results, which has regional and national ramifications. Knowledge fuels curiosity and with such blatant access of the private lives of the next generation of Bollywood denizens, we anticipate their film debuts with great enthusiasm. Sara Ali Khan has been a regular fodder for news outlets for years and unsurprisingly, she is soon making her debut in a movie backed by Karan Johar’s production house.

Saif Ali Khan with Sara Khan

Brands sell, they say. These kids are made to be brands right from their formative years, so that the ensuing curiosity of the masses that consume such content could bring out rich dividends for all concerned stakeholders. Their cyclic public appearances stir up endless speculations on when, how and in what form will their “big break” come. We are made to be so entrenched, so involved in their lives that they excite us with their mere presence on media outlets. We are obsessing over star kids, and our news feeds are making us do so. This undeserved attention from media makes the star kids alien to the struggles, the tribulations and the “no-second chances” sword that keeps hanging over the heads of the outsiders.

Another star-kid is here, another brand is in the making.




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