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Summer fashion | Buying guide for sunglasses


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Source: Marie Claire
Source: Marie Claire


One fashion accessory you should not miss in this sweltering heat is a pair of nice sunglasses. It not only makes you look like  a sassy rockstar but also saves your eyes from the harmful effects of UV rays. To make sure, you totally kill in a coveted pair – here is presenting to you a super awesome buying guide


It is very important to select the right shape. Make sure the frame of the glasses covers your whole eyes and complements the shape of your face. A dyad of glasses is essential to amplify your natural features and make you look better.


Source: Erica Buteau
Source: Erica Buteau


Aviator and Square Shape – Oval and heart shaped faces.

Cat Eye Shape – Square and round faces.

Oversized Shape – Round or big faces as it helps to make face look smaller.

Color Of Lens vs UV Protection

It is a big misconception that darker shades offer more protection. What matters is the UV protection level of the sunglasses.


Source: wonderopolis
Source: wonderopolis


Wearing sunglasses is of no use if they don’t come with UV protection. Cheap sunglasses don’t offer UV protection and are simply darkened lenses. Therefore, it is better to invest in a good quality of pair of sunglasses for safer eyes.

Converse Glasses


Source: Carl Zeiss
Source: Carl Zeiss


If you are buying sunglasses to wear while driving, consider getting converse or polarized glasses to get rid of the glare. Unwanted light that reflects and causes visual discomfort or even impair vision temporarily is called glare. However, note that converse glasses make it difficult to watch LCD or LED screens.



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