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Students from Manipal University have developed a Panipuri vending machine


Everyone simply loves to gobble up this lip smacking sour and spicy snack, which is almost ubiquitous in India. But often, especially in rainy seasons, street food lovers are a bit wary of eating Panipuri at the roadside eatery. It is because of hygiene related factors and the increased risk of bacteria and water contamination during the monsoons. Even a lot of those who find the taste of Panipuri Irresistible, don’t often pamper their taste buds with this light and cheap snack because of hygiene and cleanliness related issues.

What if we tell you that quality of Panipuri will be assured and it will be totally hygienic, with no risk at all? You will surely argue that none of the street food is totally safe and hygienic. All valid concerns. But there is a very good news for all those who love their Panipuris!

Source: YouTube
Source: YouTube

Electrofoodies, a group of engineering students at Manipal Institute of Technology, has designed an automated Panipuri vending machine. The students have bagged first prize for their innovation at the national finale of Ink makers in Hyderabad.

The final year students thought of this idea when one day they visited their favourite Panipuri joint and the guy serving it was too busy. They had placed their order, but making and serving Panipuri takes time and he was surrounded by many people.

Bangalore Mirror quotes one of the students who is behind the innovation as saying “We also felt that panipuri was not given enough recognition in the global market. There are so many Indians abroad and I am sure that they would want to have panipuri any day. We hence decided to develop a machine and started working on the prototype”.

The students hope that the machine will popularise Panipuri abroad also. The machine also has a multi-player slot which keeps count of Panipuris dispensed. So two friends can compete in a Panipuri gorging competition!


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