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“Standing To The National Anthem Is Not Necessary To Prove One’s Patriotism” – Justice Chandrachud


These days, when all the leaders and policymakers only blabber, mudsling and play the blame-game, only the supreme court of our country talks sense. In a rather hopeless scenario of present societal conditions, the supreme court has come up with a bright ray of hope in recent months and has been on a fire to roll out new rules and reforms. It has surprised us with one after one bouncer of decisions that were severely needed but never paid attention before.

After new law for fundamental privacy and several other revolutionary steps, there seems a possibility of revisions in the law (November 2016) for moviegoers that mandated standing up when the national anthem played in the hall screen. Prominent justice, D. Y. Chandrachud who also played an instrumental role in passing of the new privacy law heavily criticized this logic behind asking someone to prove his patriotism by forcing him to stand to the national anthem. He went forward to say, “Next thing will be that people should not wear t-shirts and shorts to movies because it will amount to disrespect to the national anthem. Where will this moral policing stop.” It is noteworthy that, the law had to be revised twice including once to relieve the physically challenged people. Right after the passing of the law, many cases of violence were also reported. Although, the matter is further due on the government to issue an official notice where the law should remain mandatory or not.

While it is not sure whether this moral policing law will be uprooted or be modified or will remain as it is, the citation by the justice is the exact kind of logical discourse our country needs instead of empty talks of nationalism and patriotism. Keeping the recent radical actions of the court, we are slowly starting to pin down all our hopes on the honored court to maintain justice and a through law and system of the nation.



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