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What is the right way to put on a bra? Twitter is sharply divided

I knew only one way to do it, my whole life. This is a freaking revelation.


Wearing a Bra

Do you clasp it behind your back or you put it on from above, like a T-shirt? We are talking about the way you wear your bra, as that’s the heated discussion Twitter is engulfed into. A tweet by a curious soul ignited this controversy and it kept getting bigger.



So, apparently, there is more than one way of wearing a bra, which is in itself a revelation, for many (I am majorly talking about my own self here) and the ways that can be done is even more amusing. Here, this is how Bra-wearing community of Twitter does it,


First things first, if you’re wearing a sports bra, it’s Option C


There are others like me who are stubborn enough to believe there’s just one way to do it



The red ones were in a minority, because how do you know if you miss a hook. God. How do you even look for it behind your back? Is that some sort of a treasure hunt?



Then there are the less adventurous, who live by the philosophy, “Believe what you See”



Some were just wondering what the big fuss was all about



Then there are some unreal people who wear bras like pants. Wait, what? 



There is the T-shirt team too. Oh my God. What world I’ve been living in all this while



And last but not the least, variety is the spice of life



What is your way of doing it? Tell us in the comments because “the Bration wants to know”


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