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Real life Final Destination : Fitness blogger dies in whipped cream dispenser accident


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Updated on February 11th, 2018


In a horrid reminder of the Final Destination movie series, a French fitness blogger and Instagram model died after her whipped cream dispenser exploded. The pressurized canister used in the machine hit her chest and she died of a cardiac arrest. Rebecca Burger’s death was a freak accident and left millions of her followers in shock. Her family announced her death on Wednesday by posting the picture of the dispenser which caused her death.

It was reported in the French media that Rebecca, 30, suffered cardiac arrest at her home in Galfingue on Saturday. The firefighters were successful in resuscitating her but she was unconscious when she was brought to the hospital. She died the following day.

Whipped cream dispensers employ nitrous oxide canisters which release gas upon getting pierced by a pin. This gas is used to pressurize the cream container. Two people were gravely injured using cream dispensers in France in 2014. The French economic ministry even advised caution while using these machines.

The whipped cream dispenser which Rebecca was using was manufactured by a French company called Ard’Time. This product was reportedly called off from the market because of the risk of it exploding.


Rebecca ran a hugely followed Instagram account and also had a lifestyle blog called, Rebecca Likes. An investigation in her death has been initiated.


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