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Read how a man diagnosed with cancer kills friend in rage


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In a shocking incident, a 25-year-old man shot dead his friend in Uttam Nagar in Southwest Delhi after being diagnosed with throat cancer. He did this after he was convinced that he was suffering the consequences of having been introduced to smoking cigarettes and marijuana by the friend.

The police were informed at a biryani eatery on Thursday night. The young man was found in a pool of blood on reaching the place. The deceased, who has been identified as Anaytullah had gunshot injuries on his body.

The killer, Mustakeem Ahmed, and the deceased were cooks at the restaurant. Both of them smoked cannabis together.After the hotel owner made a complaint,

After the hotel owner made a complaint, an FIR was registered. However, Another employee of the hotel is missing and is being considered a suspect.

The killing was the culmination of animosity over Ahmed feeling that the hotel owner was more partial to Anaytullah. Then, when he contracted a throat infection, Ahmed found that he had developed throat cancer.

Ahmed went back to his village in UP when he lost his job recently only to return to Delhi armed with a pistol. He even threatened the hotel owner to fire Anaytullah from the job, but when the man refused to do so, he opened fire at his fellow cook in a fit of rage.


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