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Powerful photo shoot proclaims open breastfeeding as a women’s right


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Open breastfeeding has always been a taboo in the society. Mothers are often told when and where to breastfeed their babies. In order to illustrate how natural it is to nurse out in the open, 27 women were recruited by Arizona photographer Alicia Atkins for a powerful shot against the backdrop of a mesmerizing desert sunset.

Atkins, while posting the photo on Facebook wrote, “this is for everyone that says to cover up. This is our right. This is for everyone that rolls their eyes. This is for the ones that say go feed your baby in the bathroom”.

55 women signed up for this and she wound up with 27 mothers at the park on Sunday at 6:50 pm. Atkins said that the beauty of the photo lied in the breastfeeding done at open. It showed that breastfeeding is not easy.

The shoot was intentionally done in the natural surrounding, away from the buildings and the major cross roads.

While some also opposed it. A lady said that “It’s your CHOICE to breast feed,” wrote a woman calling herself Ladybug Bugzy. “My CHOICE is I don’t want My Family to see PORN before their time. I BREAST FEED ALL MY CHILDREN I carried a light blanket when in public.”

But most women proudly shared their own breastfeeding selfies in the comment thread that followed, drowning out any negativity.

Now, due to its popularity, she’s arranging to do another one this Sunday, with 73 mothers already signed up.




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