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I remembered saying the same thing just a few days back after watching a movie. And when I stressed my mind a little, I realized it was the same force - Zoya Akhtar.


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Along with so many other things, the name also symbolizes that this TV show is really made in heaven. Yes, no suspense kept to be revealed at the end of the article because its excellence and finesse deserve more space. When by the end of the last episode, I was all praises and whispering “take a bow you director and the entire team”, I remembered saying the same thing just a few days back after watching a movie. And when I stressed my mind a little, I realized it was the same force – Zoya Akhtar.

In the last couple of years, the Indian web content definitely has risen and shone above the previous stereotypical TV content. But Made in Heaven easily surpasses all of them because it covers almost everything and more than what all has been excelled at by the other TV shows till now. Made in Heaven aspires to way more than just instant entertainment and a delightful watch and nails it all along.

It ventures with debunking the most blingy and coveted dream of the Indian society – weddings. on its way, it brutally bares how the most celebrated event around which the absolute dignity and prestige of an Indian family revolve is also the ugliest reality of the same society. It, with a great observation, shows how the outer pomp and show of the so-called modern Indian society works as an umbrella for the most repugnant hypocrisies of the same society. 

A tale of suppressed desires, desperation to fit in, exploding inner-conflicts, constant escape from the reality and an urge to project ‘perfection’, this TV series deals with human emotions and all its elements in the most comprehensive way. But the part it takes the ultimate trophy for is its ability to portray same-sex love. No Indian movie or TV show has yet managed to show a homosexual love story in an equally beautiful and authentic way. For the first time, we just don’t get to see a same-sex love portrayal, we get to feel the love, the love with absolutely no inhibitions.


The unquestionable powerful direction of Zoya Akhtar leaves no chances of the loosened patches with an entire brigade of character actors that already have their own unique identity in the small or big screen. Along with the gratifying exploration of distinctively talented actors like Kalki Koechlin, Jim Sarbh, Arjun Mathur, Vinay Pathak & Vijay Raaz, the still not-so-popular Shashank Arora, Sobhita Dhulipala and Shivani Raghuvanshi are going to be talked and written about in special details after the show.

While all elements of drama-making, the cast, storyline, direction and screenplay are just phenomenal; the show carries a soul all along from dialogues that don’t have a word misdirected to measured timings of characters. As an instance, Shashank Arora’s character Kabir, playing a photographer is writing a documentary all along. The narration of which is used in the background as a relevant voice to the scenes; which just feels like an intense and moving music to the heart.

The young generation is often advised not to take random life bits of advice from any TV content and movies, Made in Heaven is actually a content production to learn a world about life and its different phases and elements. 


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