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PM Modi supporter groom calls off wedding with bride over a political argument


The youth of the country taking an active interest in political affairs of the country is a good sign for a healthy democracy. People’s participation in social media political debates and increased awareness about political issues that concern us is a sign of a vibrant civil society that relies on the art of conversation. Sometimes there are heated disagreements too when political affiliations clash.

But a couple in UP took political loyalty to an extreme level when they decided to cancel their wedding over their disagreement over the policies of PM Modi.

As per a Times of India report, a businessman was to be married to a lady who is a government employee. All the arrangements for the wedding were done and they were supposed to meet at a temple. But then the topic of Indian economic downfall was raised. The bride squarely blamed PM Modi for it, while the groom, a Modi supporter, strongly disagreed with her. The argument got heated and both decided to call off the wedding and part ways.

Their families are totally shell-shocked. This must be one of the most strange reasons over which a wedding was canceled in India.


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