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Plucking eyebrows, cutting hair is un-Islamic : Darul-Uloom Deoband issues a fatwa banning it


Religion has funny ways of imposing itself. On Saturday, a fatwa was issued by an Islamic seminary Darul Uloom Deoband which has forbidden women from plucking their eyebrows or cutting their hair short. Women are banned from cutting, shaping or trimming their eyebrows or hair as per the edict issued by Darul Iftaa. These acts are termed as “un-Islamic” by the body.

The fatwa was issued after a Muslim man approached the Islamic body seeking an explanation on Islamic laws regarding trimming of eyebrows and hair-cutting. As per a clarification from Darul Iftaa, ten acts in Islam ban women from shaping their eyebrows and cutting their hair short. The head of Darul Iftaa, Maulana L Sadiq Qasmi said, “Muslim women should stay away from beauty parlours as Islam does not permit them to have make-up attracting other male members.”

“Like Muslim male are not allowed to shave under Islam, eyebrow trimming, hair-cutting and make-up like wearing lipstick, etc is also banned. Trend of Muslim women going to beauty parlours has increased in the country. It is not a good sign and it should be stopped immediately. We should have issued a fatwa in this regard long ago,” he added.


This absurd diktat has drew widespread condemnation from women who opine that their basic freedoms are being curtailed by such absurd bans.


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