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Perks We Fund For Our Beloved MPs


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Source: pwsmun.in
Source: pwsmun.in


Supreme Court of India has said that the various perks and allowances enjoyed by former MPs “prima facie” seem unreasonable. The apex court of the nation has asked for justification from the government on why these facilities should be continued.

NGO Lok Prahari which filed this petition has said that almost 80% of former parliamentarians are millionaires, and giving them extra facilities is an unnecessary burden on the taxpayer.

Let us take a look at various perks our MPs avail from the taxpayer’s money.

* Salary : In 2010 government hiked the salary from 56,000 INR to 1.40 lakh INR per month. Indian MPs are paid much more as compared to MPs of even developed countries like Italy and Japan.

* Pension : An MP is eligible for lifelong pension even if he attended parliament for just 1 day.

* Travel : An MP is eligible for 34 free air travels throughout the country with his spouse or any number of friends, family members or assistants. MPs can travel anywhere on 1st class AC railway ticket with their spouse. Former MPs can also travel anywhere within India in 2nd AC.

* Roadways : MPs are exempted from paying toll tax at both state and national highways.

* Airports : Special facilities, including reserved lounge, complimentary tea, snacks, access to terminal area, are provided to MPs

* Electricity : MPs receive free supply of electricity upto 50,000 units annually.

* Water : 4000 kl of water supply per annum is also free to MPs.

* Telephone : A MP is entitled to 3 totally free free telephone connections. He can make upto 50,000 free local calls a year.

* Furnished government accommodation with free housekeeping for members.


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