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Pakistan army mutilates Indian soldiers: What this tells us about the troubled state and its army


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In the latest violation of ceasefire line, two Indian Army front posts in Poonch were attacked with mortars and rockets. Two Indian soldiers died in the crossfire and their bodies were mutilated by Pakistani soldiers. Indian Army has said it will give a befitting reply. It’s time for the political leaders to shun infighting, unite against Pakistan and retaliate sternly to this violation of India’s territorial integrity.

Pakistan’s flagrant violations of LOC, unprovoked shelling and human rights violations is hardly surprising for anyone. The country has a nefarious history of sponsoring terrorism in both India and Afghanistan. Osama Bin Laden, the most wanted Al Qaida chief, was killed in Abbottabad, a key base of Pakistan military, and in proximity to national capital Rawalpindi. Their intelligence agency ISI is hands in gloves with terrorist groups.

But forget about terrorists, even Pakistan military acts more like an organized militant group or mafia syndicate, and less like a professional, disciplined army.

That’s why it is often said that all nations have an army, but in Pakistan army has a nation.

Even intellectuals in Pakistan are aware of this grim fact about their nation state. Pakistani author Ayesha Siddiqui has written a book ” Military Inc ” about the rampant corruption in Pakistan army and how it is like a monopolist enterprise with stakes in several industries and prime real estate sites.

Witnessing repeated violations, it must have been clear for India that mere engagement with the Pakistani leadership is not going to bear fruits as far as relations between the two countries are concerned. What India needs to counter such gross infringements of protocols and human rights is a multi-pronged strategy which should alienate the neighboring states from all possible corners. This conflict will have to be dealt at a military, diplomatic and political level.


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