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Nostalgia at its best: Google comes up with a photo scanning app


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Updated on February 11th, 2018

Google PhotoScan

Remember your 5th birthday party when you wore that red frock? Or your graduation ceremony when that beaming smile was the highlight of the evening? Memories are the gateway to the good and bad times we encounter during the course of our transient life. Photographs help us relive those moments by way of their old world charm and impeccable nostalgic value. Digital photographs are here and how. But, rewind to just a few years back : photos were printed on paper and were preserved in albums. Stored in some closet, that album might have gathered dust but the memories gathered therein, are still fresh. With the convenience of digital photography palpable in our lives, we so long to do the same with old photos. But digitizing bygone eras is a tricky affair – scanning old photos involves a scanner which is a costly to equipment to buy and clicking a photo of a photo often ends up bearing twisted results.

The brand new app launch by Google, PhotoScan, introduces a novel way of scanning photos – anywhere, any time. The app is available for free on Android and iOS. PhotoScan enables you to get digital copies of your photographs within seconds – it can detect edges, straighten the picture, rotate it to the accurate orientation and is capable of removing those obnoxious glares as well. The photos you scan could be saved on Google Photos for free, without eating up your phone’s storage.

The application is an excellent combination of manual shooting and computer assisted photography. Once you click a photo of a photo from your phone, the app automatically detects the four corners in the image and puts circular overlays on each of those. You will then have to point your camera at each of the corner and PhotoScan starts its work thereafter. Unlike using standard smart phone photography to snap an image out of a photo which turns out to be a messed up affair of glares, shadows and blown-out details, the app while using the four corner scanning process gets rid of reflections and other elements causing deterioration of the image.


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