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No Pheras or Nikah in this Hindu-Muslim wedding. Just celebration


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In India, marriages are neither made in heaven nor are about two individuals only. It is also about their families extended families. A volcano of deep rooted caste system and tradition erupt abruptly and takes over the simple and sacred idea of marriage.

Families still argue over different castes and want to marry their children in the same caste. And when it comes to Hindu-Muslim wedding, ironically, it is still a taboo in major sections of the society. We have seen several cases of honor killing and discrimination for inter-religious couples.

When Junaid Shaikh and Garima Joshi started dating, they knew that the road ahead is not going to be easy. They were pretty sure that the odds are stacked against them but to their surprise, their families accepted the relationship with big heart without considering any absurd societal and religious norms.

And to celebrate the auspicious day, the couple moved one step further and celebrated the occasion by dancing and enjoying with family and friends. There wasn’t any ‘traditional’ nikah or pheras for the couple to stamp their wedding.

It was just a celebration of to cultures at its best! The video shared by Shutterdown is going viral on social media.



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