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No need to pay toll tax if waiting time in queue exceeds 3 minutes


Long queues anywhere are more than frustrating. And it is more frustrating when we are traveling on a highway and have to wait at the toll booth. But does anyone know that if you have waited at the toll booth for more than 3 minutes then you don’t have to pay the toll tax?

It might sound like an outlandish claim. But it is not. In 2016 an advocate named Hariom Jindal filed an RTI which said that vehicles should pass through the toll plazas in 3 minutes. Hariom asked what if it takes more than 3 minutes and is there a provision that vehicle can pass without paying toll tax. The RTI reply was in affirmative that waiting time should not exceed 3 minutes and in case it does, people don’t have to pay anything. Hariom said he thought about filing an RTI when he saw long queues at toll plazas and a lot of time being wasted there.


The Logical Indian quoted Hariom “I used to observe long queues at toll plazas and I had faced the issue myself multiple times. Many vehicles wait for a long time while traveling and toll collectors never disclose the correct schedule or the timings”.


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