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Munch God : This deity in Kerala munches on chocolates to fulfill your wishes


Have you ever thought about offering chocolates instead of sweets to a deity? Offering sweets and tradition to gods as part of worship has been a timeless tradition in India. But there is one Hindu diety in Kerala who loves munching on chocolates.

Yes. The god, Balamurugan (Shiva’s son), of the Chemmoth Sree Subramaniya Swami Temple in Kerala has a sweet tooth for Munch chocolates. Instead of sweets, he is offered Munch by the devotees. But the story of offering chocolate is even more amusing than the tradition itself. 

Nearly 7-8 years ago, a little boy offered him a Munch once. It began when a Muslim boy rang the bell of the temple and fell sick that evening. The entire night, he kept murmuring Murugan’s name and it is after that his parents brought him to the temple. The priest asked them to get something for the deity. The parents, as asked, brought the flowers and offered it to the deity but the little kid insisted on offering Munch chocolates. It is after that the boy was cured miraculously and since then the God is known by the name ‘Munch Murugan’.


Hundreds of devotees come and devote Munch chocolate to the deity in the temple. Children who have their exams also come and offer chocolate and make prayers to the god. Even, in prasad the temple offers Munch to the devotees. This happens on a daily basis during different poojas.

Recently, a MunchPara has also been started by the devotees in order to impress the deity and keep him happy. The deity is offered a garland of Munch chocolates instead of flowers.


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