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Mumbai Police has its wits in the right place, Shobhaa De agrees


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Shobhaa De is known on social media for her gaffes, more than her writing talent. Once again she created a golden opportunity for unabating trolling. On Tuesday, she posted a joke aimed at the overweight Mumbai Police personnel on duty for BMC Elections.


While some stayed true to their chucklesome stature and engaged in a wholesome trolling session,

Others were more discerning to point out a very very important detail,

The Mumbai Police, on whom the joke was directed, or shall we say, misdirected didn’t take it face down. It came up with a witty retort of its own,

Meanwhile, it seems De has realized that she has made a glaring error and has now posted a reconciliatory tweet this morning. The M.P. badge information has been acknowledged by the lady, it seems.

Now it is to wait and watch if the Madhya Pradesh Police decides to respond to this fat blow.



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