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Mexico City Metro Installs Penis Seats For A Good Cause


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Molestation of women in public transports is an issue that needs our serious attention. Apart from increased security, there should be massive awareness programmes and gender sensitisation campaigns too.

Mexico did something out-of-the-box and totally unconventional in this regard. In order to explain to people about prevalent sexism and sexual harassment, special ‘ Penis Seats ‘ have been installed in trains in Mexico. The seat is a representation of a naked male body with chest, stomach, belly button and a penis.




On top of that there is a signboard that says ” It’s uncomfortable to sit here but it doesn’t compare with the sexual violence that women suffer in their everyday lives ” The bizzare seat gets strange glances from the passengers and naturally makes many little uncomfortable. But the idea behind it is to draw attention towards the fact that close to 60% are harassed while commuting in public transports.



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