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Meet the woman with the world’s longest nails

Source: YouTube
Source: YouTube

Almost every girl loves big nails but ever thought of making into the Guinness World Record via the length of your nails?

Ayanna Williams of Houston in Texas, USA, has been growing her nails for 23 years. Now, the length of her nails has even beaten the height of the world’s shortest man. As per the reports by Guinness World Records, in total, her nails reach a combined length of 18 feet making her the world record holder for the ‘Longest fingernails on a pair of hands (female)’.

The longest individual nail of Ayanna is on her left thumb which measures 2 feet and 2.7 inches. Interestingly, the measure of the height of the shortest man ever, Chandra Bahadur Dangi, itself ends at 1 feet and 9.5 inches.

She said, “It just takes me longer to do anything than it would take a normal human being. They’re a part of me so they’re here to stay!”

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