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Kanwar Yatra: Golden Baba is traveling to Haridwar with 14 kg gold and BMWs, Audis, and Fortuners


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A saint named Golden Baba is seen participating in the 200 km Kanwar Yatra from Haridwar to Delhi. Baba is extremely fond of wearing Gold ornaments and that’s why he is affectionately called Golden Baba.

Golden Baba has a collection of 14.5 kg gold, including 21 gold chains, 21 lockets and a gold jacket which he wears during Kanwar Yatra. A cavalcade of 16 SUVs accompany the Baba during the Yatra.

Baba wears a Rolex watch worth 27 lakhs and owns BMW, Audi, Fortuner and Innova. He has even taken Hummer and Jaguar to the Yatra.

The 55-year-old Baba’s real name is Sudir Makkar and he was a successful businessman before he turned to spirituality. He had a business of clothing and property. It is estimated that he owns property worth 150 crores near Delhi. However, he went through a lot of hardship during his young age  and he attributes his business success to Lord Shiva. He says 2018 will be his last Kanwar Yatra and it will mark 25 years since he started taking part in the Yatra.

Baba travels with 18 bodyguards and 8 security officers. He is highly popular and people wait to click selfies with him.


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