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Manipal | From The Eyes Of Students Bordering Towards Term End


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Manipal University, Located on a hilltop in the town of Manipal, Karnataka is one of the finest universities in India. Manipal is a silent guardian in the lives of over 25000 students who come from home as insecure kids, and leave this place as confident individuals.

I remember coming to MIT as a 16 year old kid, who had never been exposed to the outside world. This place day by day moulded me into an individual that I am today. It protects you from the evils of the outside world while presenting to you the mirror of the world outside at the same time. These are my last two months in Manipal, and I know that leaving this place would be the toughest ever thing to do. I came with a heavy bag, I will leave with a heavy heart.

It is not only the great academia but also the picturesque beauty in and around the campus which will make me miss this place even more.


End Point




End point is an epitome of beauty and serenity. Located at the highest altitude in Manipal, the place is decorated by a beautiful garden. The place witnesses scenic sunrise and sunset everyday. It also has a football, a cricket ground and a jogging track.

Be it starting the day with a beautiful sunrise, or ending a hectic day with peaceful environment and smooth breeze, end point never fails to impart positive energy to its visitors.


KMC Library




What a library teaches you, stays with you forever. The Kasturba Medical College library of Manipal University is one of the best libraries in the country. The library has the capacity of accommodating over 1200 people at a time. Loaded with all the books you could think of, the KMC library is rightly regarded as the reader’s retreat.


Manipal Lake




Manipal lake is an artificial lake built for the purpose of rainwater harvesting in Manipal. The location of the lake is such that it is in close proximity of the University. The lake is circumscribed by a jogging track. Students of the university and other localities go for a run in the evening to enjoy clean atmosphere. People also enjoy boating in the lake.


Kapu Beach




Though this is beach is a bit far from the university campus, the distance to be travelled is totally worth it. Be it early morning solo walks by the beach, or evening game of beach football with friends, Kapu beach never ceases to amaze the visitors with its mesmerizing beauty. The beach is jewelled by a lighthouse, from where the view is awe-struckingly incredible. The huge rocks on the beach multiply the beauty of enormously.


Venugopal Temple




Located in the university campus, Venugopal Temple is the most peaceful and pure place in Manipal. The place imparts positive energy to the visitors. And it becomes the favourite place of students during exams for obvious reasons!






Lying in the Chikkamagaluru District of Karnataka, the name Kudremukh literally translates to “horse-face” in Kannada. It is very popular due to iron ore mineral reserves. The highlight of this place is the Kudremukh National Park, a sensitive biodiversity hotspot, and hence requires additional entry permissions.

What stands out about Kudremukh is its scenic extravagance. Embark on an unforgettable trail through its various changing moods: the gorgeous green forests , the vile valleys, and the grassy steep slopes. Take a detour at the Hanging bridge and enjoy the view of the shallow stream meandering beneath. Further down, a rich expanse of tea plantations welcomes you, offering best of both worlds: freshly brewed tea, aromatic cardamom and a breath-taking view.


Malpe Beach




Located approximately seven kilometres West of Udupi, Malpe beach is undoubtedly one of the most popular hangout spots for Manipal university students, be it an impromptu evening plan with your classmates, or a day-long Sunday beach outing with your hostel friends.

You could opt for a relaxing ferry ride to the infamous St.Mary’s Island or choose to enjoy the place sitting on the sun-baked yellow sands whilst taking bites of the local batter-fried fish, this place offers you with many exciting options. Malpe Beach has an added advantage: its terrain. The seemingly endless flat lands makes us feel safe even if we venture deep into the waters. The joy of getting completely drenched in salty sea water or playing a game of beach throw ball is unfathomable.






Gokarna (translating to “cow’s ear”) is a small pilgrimage town located in Kumta Taluk in Uttara Kannada District. Devotees come from all over Karnataka to visit the famous Lord Shiva temple. Over the past few years, more foreigners began visiting Gokarna for its stunning beaches and overall feeling of peace and well-being.

There are many beaches to visit here: Om beach, Kudle beach, Paradise beach,Half –moon beach,and so on. The most popular ones are Om Beach and Kudle Beaches. Om beach establishes its uniqueness through its distinct Om shape when viewed from above. Take a short boat ride to Paradise beach and camp there with your friends for the night to enjoy the beauty of bio-luminescence of the waters.

The people here are extremely simple and down-to-earth adhering to the infamous “hippy culture”. There is a sense of newfound freedom and joy as one enjoys wood-fired pizzas in the beach-facing shacks while listening to the sounds of the waves and the clink of beer bottles.






Kundadri Hills, located approximately seventy kilometres from Udupi district, is a popular pick of the students when you have a full day off or a public holiday. At an altitude of around 830 meters, it is a perfect escape place from the scorching summer heat.

To make the best of this place, travel there via road opting for scooters or bikes. The sharp hairpin bends and the steep roads soothe your burning desire for adventure. The hilltop offers you with a beautiful 360 degrees view of the whole region and the trees canopies look small and delicate, almost fragile.

You could take a break from the long ride and opt to trek up to Koodlu Theertha falls. The trek is long, tiring and quite challenging at times but everything is enjoyable with you are surrounded with your friends. A warning in advance: watch out for the unforgiving leeches! It all seems worth it when you finally reach the waterfalls. Lose yourself in the feeling of the cool cascades against your sweaty and blistered skin.

Marena Sports Complex

“Class ke baad kya plans hai, ghoomthe hai?” “Nahi bro, Marena jana hai mujhe!”


This is something Manipal students hear almost on an everyday basis! Marena is a state-of-the-art gym facility offering almost all there is to offer in the fitness platter, name it. Be it Basketball, Badminton, Tennis, Squash courts, synthetic jogging tracks, futsal arenas, the sauna, latest gym equipment and even a personal trainer for those who choose to avail its membership!

You can plug in your earphones and unwind on the jogging track or play a game of basketball with your teammates on the fancy-looking wooden courts; Marena never disappoints. It is the perfect meeting spot for the fitness freak, the professional athlete or maybe just someone who wants a break from hectic class schedules and tedious assignments.


As they rightly say, “You can take a Manipalite out of Manipal, but you can never take Manipal out of a Manipalite”. It truly is inspired by life.

Article Credits: Saroja Latha and Utkarsh Sinha. Both are presently studying engineering in Manipal Institute of Technology.


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