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Man sells his 11 month old infant to buy a mobile phone


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A man in Bhadrak district of Orissa was arrested for selling his 11-month-old infant son to purchase a mobile phone.

Cops say that the man, Balram Mukhia, sold his son for 23,000 Rs. He spent 2,000 on mobile phone and rest of the money on liquor.

Police superintendent of the city says Mukhi works as a sweeper, has no regular income and is a habitual drinker. The child was sold to an old couple whose son had died and they were longing to take care of a child.

 Somnath Sethi, the husband, is a retired government driver. His wife is severely depressed since their 25-year-old son died in 2012.

Times of India quotes a police inspector as saying “Sethi’s wife had been suffering from depression after their only son died and he had told his acquaintances to look for a child they could adopt so that his wife recovers”


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