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Man in Saudi Arabia divorced wife for walking ahead of him


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There are a lot of bizzare reasons for divorcing your spouse. Even snorting has been a ground for divorce. Trivial reasons for divorce abound. In Saudi Arabia, the number of divorce cases for innocuous reasons is on a rise.

A man in Saudi Arabia divorced his wife for walking ahead of him, despite several warnings.

In another case, a man divorced his wife because she didn’t put sheep head on dinner table. Sheep head is considered to be the most important part of the meat and the man said he was embarrassed before his guests when his wife didn’t put sheep head on the table.

NDTV quotes Lateefa Hamid, a social consultant in Saudi Arabia as saying: “Families should educate their young men and women and encourage them to engage in psychological, social, and religious awareness and education programs that will protect future spouses from family problems.”


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