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Mahira Khan Makes A Striking Comeback In Her Own Style


The Internet is always a funny place. It is a lot of other things at the same time and can get as bizarre as you can think. As it provides a shrouded platform to people who are too timid to come as themselves and voice their opinion in a humane manner, mudslinging becomes the most convenient practice. Recently, the ever so pretty Mahira Khan who has an image of elegance in Lollywood became the latest victim of this slut-shaming when her pictures hanging out with Ranbir Kapoor in NY surfaced online. Things that became the reason of ridicule was a cigarette she held and the backless dress she was wearing.

All the hell broke loose at this, because she is a woman and moreover an Islamic practitioner. She crossed all the boundaries with that one action and became a witch, whore, a black spot on her religion and what not. People came up with the meanest possible comments, the ones that are not ethical to throw even at a criminal. The most raging question that we all should ask ourselves is – Is it incumbent on all the celebrities to live up to the image that they portray on TV in their real life? As simple as that to understand, they are just normal human beings and have their own likes and dislikes about their food, clothes, and hobbies. While many were ready with stones to destroy her image, some with better sense came forward in Mahira’s support too. But we were yet to hear from Mahira herself who hasn’t said or commented anything on the entire episode.

However ignorant these celebrities pretend to be, we can never estimate the emotional damage done by such public shaming acts on their characters. After being silent for several days and hence, allowing all types of assumptions, Mahira has finally made a powerful comeback in her own way that is subtle yet compelling. She posted a teaser of her upcoming Verna directed by Shoaib Mansoor with a strong message. The actor is known for picking selective roles and always choosing content-oriented projects. The place that she has established in the industry for herself with her grit and constant hard work is not anything ordinary. The single mother who never hesitates in flaunting her motherhood deserves only and all the respect and love in the world. More power to you beautiful woman!



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